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Xmas out of the Box - Mini

Xmas out of the Box - Mini

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Available from 50 pieces


• Available from 50 pieces
• Content: christmastree branches, a wooden christmastree decoration and greeting card
• Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3 cm
• Delivery time: from 5 working days
• CO2 neutral & socially made
• Including water reservoir

What a cute Christmas present! The Xmas out of the Box - Mini is a smaller model of the same principle as all our other BloomsBoxes: a plant pot that is also the shipping packaging and the water reservoir for the plants. The BloomsBox Mini is our cardboard version of the BloomsBox and the nice thing is that this BloomsBox fits through the mailbox!

Christmas through the letter box!

The BloomsBox is a gift with a 3-in-1 design. This is because the BloomsBox is not only a plant pot, but it is also the shipping packaging as well as the water reservoir for the plants. This way, we send plants without creating packaging waste. The BloomsBox Mini can go straight through the post; it fits through the letterbox. In 2 minutes, you transform the shipping packaging into a watertight plant pot for your air-purifying plants. And thanks to the smart watering system, you only need to water once a month. So even people without green fingers will enjoy this gift for months!

Personalise your BloomsBox Mini

The front of the BloomsBox Mini consists of a greetings card. You can choose between three standard greeting cards. We print your personal message for the recipients on the back of the greeting card.

Would you also like to personalise the front of the greeting card (and therefore the BloomsBox)? You can! Both the wrapper and the greeting card that forms the front of your BloomsBox Mini can be personalised as you wish. This way, you give a truly personal gift to your colleagues or business contacts.

The BloomsBox Mini always contains 2 different air-purifying plants and is available from 100 pieces upwards. Would you like to order more than 250 pieces, or design the greeting card and wrapping yourself? Then request a quote from us!

Simon Speelman

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