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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to give BloomsBoxes as a gift, but not all at once. Can I keep them for a while?

Because we send farm-fresh plants, it is best to keep them cool at home for about four days if you want to hand over the Box personally, but not much longer. From a minimum of 20 pieces we add your logo or text on the BloomsBox. We can keep these personalised BloomsBoxes in stock with us. You can then request these individually from us at any time.

Certain BloomsBoxes with a special message we always have on stock. You can also order them individually from us in the webshop.


How should I care for the plants in the BloomsBox in order to enjoy them for as long as possible?

To enjoy the BloomsBox for as long as possible, make sure that the water reservoir never runs empty. However, do not fill above the waves indicated in the Box, because then the plant pots touch the water. This can cause the jars to break down faster. The strings hanging from the jars must touch the water. Furthermore, you should preferably not place the BloomsBox on a windowsill in direct sunlight or in a draught. This way you can enjoy your BloomsBox the longest!

Can I also have the BloomsBox to another country??

Yes, we ship the BloomsBoxes in the robust wooden Box throughout Europe. In the webshop you can send directly to:

    • The Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Luxembourg
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Austria

If you want to order larger quantities and send to other European countries, please contact us or request a quote at. We ship to all countries within the EU, plus Switzerland. Unfortunately, shipping to countries outside the EU is not possible due to regulations and the shelf life of plants.

How long is your delivery time for larger orders?

We can usually ship up to approximately 100 BloomsBoxes within 4 to 6 working days. Towards peak periods such as Easter and Christmas, the following applies: while stocks last. If you have reserved your BloomsBoxes, we will put them aside for you and you can be sure that we can send them at the time you want. When ordering more than 1000 BloomsBoxes, you must take into account a delivery time of approximately 3 weeks.

Can I have the BloomsBox with a logo in color??

Unfortunately that is not possible. We want to deliver our BloomsBoxes as sustainably as possible. That is why we engrave or burn the logos with a laser or a branding stamp in the BloomsBox. For example, we use as few harmful raw materials as possible, such as paint.

The pots that contain the plants start to get a bit dirty over time. Can I order new ones?

Yes, you can in the webshop order a refill of two or three plants. Then you get new plants in a new pot and with a new watering wick.
We use bamboo paper pots because we want to use as little plastic as possible, but biodegradable materials naturally decay faster. If you make sure that only the wicks hang in the water, the jars can last for months. And if you refill water by sliding the lid open slightly, you no longer have to touch the jars and they will last even longer. When the pots break down, the plants are often so large that they actually no longer have enough space for their roots in the pots. We advise you to transfer the plants to a larger pot and to order new plants for the BloomsBox . If you still want to keep the same plants in the BloomsBox , buy those red stone pots in size P9 at the garden centre..

Can the plants in the BloomsBox be harmful to pets??

No, we only use plants in our BloomsBoxes that are safe and non-toxic for pets. All plants in the BloomsBoxes are MPS-A or MPS-A+ certified. In addition to being an environmental certificate, MPS-ABC is also a monitoring tool that helps plant growers to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible.

Onze klanten beoordelen!

De Bloomsbox is opvallend anders en het perfecte relatiegeschenk voor organisaties met focus op duurzaamheid. Niet voor niets beoordelen onze klanten ons hoog en winnen we diverse prijzen in de wereld van relatiegeschenken.

“We hebben eerst al hele leuke reacties gehad van de collega’s die de BloomsBox wilden versturen. Vorige week kwamen ook veel collega’s bij ons in de lucht met de mooie en lieve reacties die ze kregen van de ontvangers. De 150 BloomBoxen vielen erg in de smaak. Leuk dat er een nabestelling voor jullie door is gekomen, het is een mooi product!”

Birgit Johansson

a.s.r. hypotheken

“Het concept achter de BloomsBox sprak ons meteen aan, alles werd van begin tot eind vlot afgehandeld. Blooms out of the Box liet de geschenken rechtstreeks leveren bij onze klanten en we werder daarna spontaan door meerdere klanten gecontacteerd met héél positieve reacties! Vooral de duurzaamheid werd echt geapprecieerd.”

Jessica Zonnekeyn

Fern Valley N.V. (België)