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Proud of your city, that’s what you are. And you show it with this gift! We engrave the skyline of your city in the robust wooden Box. So you give a plant gift that will put you and your city in the spotlight on the desk or window sill of the one receiving this gift, for months to come.

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Make a difference with a local gift

Your city. The city where you live, or work. The city where your company has its roots. For everyone who is proud of their city, we have developed our BloomsBoxes with skylines. With a skyline on your BloomsBox, you give a local, fresh gift that will be in the spotlights for months. Is your city not listed but would you like to give more than 10 BloomsBoxes as a gift? Then let us know and we will get to work for you!

In the spotlight for months

With the skyline of your city engraved in your gift, you are not only giving a personal gift, you are also giving a gift that will stay in the spotlights for months. The wooden Box is not only the shipping packaging for the plants, it is also the plant pot, as well as the water reservoir for the plants. The plants drink the water from the BloomsBox whenever they are thirsty. Refilling the Box with water once a month is enough to enjoy your green gift for months. This also makes a BloomsBox an ideal gift for people without a green thumb!

The BloomsBox as a present for new tenants or real estate owners

Are you looking for an original gift for the owners or tenants of newly build houses and flats? Then a BloomsBox with the skyline of the city is the ultimate gift. You are not only giving a personal and original gift; with a BloomsBox you are also providing fresh & green decorations for the new home! With plants that purify the air and bring atmosphere. This way, you offer a welcome that is both literally and figuratively green, and you give a lasting memory of the festive moment of handing over the house!

Would you like to customize your gift even further by engraving your message or logo in the BloomsBox alongside the skyline? No problem! We can customize the engraving on the BloomsBoxes entirely according to your wishes. You can find more information about customizing the BloomsBoxes with your logo or message of your choice here.

The sustainable alternative to flowers

Patented BloomsBox

Everything about the BloomsBox is out of the box. Literally. Because the BloomsBox is shipping packaging, plant pot and water reservoir for the plants all in one. This allows us to send plants without extra packaging materials.
And: the recipient immediately has a pot for the plants, including a smart watering system. Thanks to this patented 3-in-1 concept, the happily surprised recipient can enjoy this unique plant gift carefree and for a long time!

Why the BloomsBox?

With a BloomsBox, you not only give a unique and original gift, you also give a good feeling. Because the BloomsBox is made sustainably and CO2-neutrally by people distanced from the labour market. You make it personal by adding a card with your message. Or of course by having your own design engraved in the wooden Box!

We are a Social Enterprise

The people who make our BloomsBox are very important to us. We work together with two social workshops in Utrecht. A lot of work is done by employees of these workshops. They are also present when we have large orders. Dennis and Mirjam permanently work for us from Reinaerde.

Become a regular customer?

Would you like your company or organisation to order BloomsBoxes from us more often? Then we would be happy to set up an account for you. You can then easily order the Blooms Boxes of your choice from your own company account, on invoice. You can also order

BloomsBoxes with your personal engraving from your company account. We will then stock 'your' BloomsBoxes and send them with fresh plants the moment you order one or more.


Do you order before noon? Then we can ship the BloomsBox the same day. Would you like to receive the BloomsBox in a week's time? No problem either! Simply indicate this when you place your order. Our shipping partner aims to deliver the BloomsBoxes within 1 working day, but cannot guarantee this. Do you have an absolute deadline for delivery? Then don't take any risks and order the BloomsBox for delivery 1 or 2 working days earlier. After all, you can perfectly store a BloomsBox for 4 to 7 days unopened!

We are

Blooms out of the Box

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Our customers review!

The Blooms Box is strikingly different and the perfect business gift for organisations with a focus on sustainability. Not for nothing do our customers rate us highly and we win several awards in the world of business gifts.

"We have already had very nice reactions from colleagues who wanted to send the BloomsBox. orige week many colleagues also joined us with the beautiful and sweet reactions they got from the recipients. he 150 BloomBoxes were very much appreciated. euk that a repeat order came through for you, it's a beautiful product!"

Birgit Johansson

a.s.r. hypotheken

"The concept behind the BloomsBox immediately appealed to us, everything was handled smoothly from start to finish. Blooms out of the Box had the gifts delivered directly to our customers and we were spontaneously contacted by several customers afterwards with very positive reactions! Especially the durability was really appreciated."

Jessica Zonnekeyn

Fern Valley N.V. (Belgium)