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Blooms out of the Box is a Social Enterprise

Blooms out of the Box is a Social Enterprise and we are proud of it! A Social Enterprise, or 'social enterprise', like any other business, provides a product or service and has a revenue model. However, making money is not the main goal, it is a means to achieve the mission. A social enterprise aims to create social value, also known as 'making impact'. We make impact by helping people with a distance to the labour market get a meaningful day's work.

Our coworkers

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    The people who help us make the BloomsBoxes are very important to us. We work together with two large sheltered workshops in Utrecht and the surrounding area. A lot of planning work is done by employees of social employment agency Reinaerde. They are also present when we place large orders. As a result, we have built a good relationship with these colleagues.

  • Our coworkers

    Mirjam works permanently at our site from Reinaerde. She makes sure the plants are neatly packed and, thanks to her, we are all provided with coffee, tea or soup at set times!

  • UW Utrecht Werkt is also an important party for us. At UW, the inner containers for the BloomsBoxes are folded and the strings that water the plants are cut. Chantal cuts the water strings as if it were her passion and her life. She also keeps coming up with new ways to make it go faster. We have since bought her an electric scissor that allows her to cut bundles of strings in one go.

Investing in Social Return

More and more (government) organisations have included social return in their policies. Social return aims to create more employment opportunities for people distanced from the labour market. By opting for a BloomsBox, your organisation is also committed to social return.

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