• The most sustainable promotional gift

  • Available quickly and customized

  • An eye-catcher for months

A green world

Sustainability is in our DNA

Our goal is to offer green and refreshing business gifts that people will enjoy for a long time. In this way we contribute to a sustainable world and a BloomsBox (with your logo) will be in the spotlight for a long time.

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Sustainable and social

What makes the BloomsBox so special?

We think it is important to contribute to a greener and more social world. With the BloomsBox, we try to have the highest possible impact on people's well-being and the lowest possible (negative) impact on our living environment. By making conscious choices, we do our bit for a green and sustainable world. We can honestly say that we do everything we can to offer the BloomsBox as a truly sustainable business gift.

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Sustainable from A to Z

From choice of materials to shipping: we do everything we can to make the BloomsBox a sustainable gift.
  • The BloomsBox is made of certified European pine wood.
  • There is no unnecessary waste because the shipping packaging is used as a pot.
  • All the paper we use for our communications is made from Paperwise. The environmental impact of this paper is therefore 47% lower than that of FSC certified paper and 29% lower than that of recycled paper.
  • The inner lining makes the BloomsBox waterproof and is made from recycled cardboard.
  • The pots around the plants are made of 100% bamboo and are recycled as paper.
  • The plants themselves come from growers with an MPS-A quality mark.
  • The strings with which the plants absorb water are made of 100% cotton.
  • We compensate the (limited) carbon footprint of the BloomsBoxes by planting bamboo in Uganda. This is how we ensure that the BloomsBox is a CO2-neutral gift.
  • We are a Social Entreprise and are assisted by people with a disadvantage to the labor market in our Utrecht location.