• The most sustainable promotional gift

  • Available quickly and customized

  • An eye-catcher for months

A promotional gift with a mission

Doing good feels good

Blooms out of the Box exists since 2018. As far as we are concerned, the world of promotional gifts could use a boost. In terms of creativity and sustainability. That is our mission with Blooms out of the Box.

  • With our patented BloomsBox we have found a sustainable and effective way to ship plants with as little packaging material as possible. Soon we got the idea to make a multifunctional shipping packaging that also serves as a plant pot. For the convenience of the recipient, we have added a water tank to easily keep the plants fresh.

    This is how the first BloomsBox a fact: a 3-in-1 design that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy for the recipient.

  • Since then, our range has expanded considerably: the possibilities are endless. In addition to the air-purifying plants, there are now also BloomsBoxes with herbs, Christmas trees, dried flowers and so on. Each of our BloomsBoxes is a sustainable, original promotional gift that we are proud of.

    If you choose to give employees or relations a BloomsBox , we will give you a digital pat on the back. You too will then contribute to a green, sustainable world. A big thank you from us!!

Our brand pillars: green, healthy and enjoyment

We are a social enterprise and we are committed to providing unique, sustainable gifts with minimal environmental impact and maximum positive impact on our customers and their affiliates. We always take our 3 brand pillars into account.

  • Blooms out of the Box: groen doen voelt goed.


    Blooms out of the Box won the Promz Product award in 2021 and 2022 for the most sustainable promotional gift. Everything is out of the box, literally: the shipping packaging is also the plant pot and the water tank. Our plants are transported in this way without additional packaging materials. We take a close look at all our materialse impact on the environment and the impact on our customers. If you give a BloomsBox as a gift, then you are contributing to a green and sustainable world.

  • De luchtzuiverende planten in de BloomsBox verbeteren het binnenklimaat.


    Plants provide a healthy living environment, promote creativity and make people happier. A BloomsBox as a gift provides fresh air and a good feeling. And as a socially involved company, we work together with sheltered workshops. In this way we offer people with a distance to the labor market a healthy and meaningful working environment. We love to let them bloom again.

  • Door het slimme watergeefsysteem heb je geen omkijken naar het verzorgen van de planten in de BloomsBox.


    We do everything we can to surprise our customer's relations with plants that are packaged in a unique and personal way. Our patented BloomsBox is packed with love, and the person who receives the gift will notice that too: they only need to unpack the plants, fill the BloomsBox with water and enjoy. And that for months without difficulty. It feels good to give someone as a present!