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About us

  • Simon Speelman

    We are Simon Speelman and Erna Ebbinge: the creative founders of Blooms out of the Box. Both of us have a background in floriculture. The amount of plastic used to ship flowers bothered us.

  • Erna Ebbinge

    We wanted to do something about that. And we succeeded by developing the BloomsBox: a 3-in-1 concept where the Box is shipping packaging, plant pot and water reservoir all in one. The BloomsBox is the sustainable alternative to flowers.

  • With our patented BloomsBox, we found a sustainable and effective way to ship plants with as little packaging material as possible. Soon we got the idea to create a multifunctional shipping packaging that doubles as a plant pot. For the recipient's convenience, we added a water reservoir to easily keep the plants fresh. Thus the BloomsBox became a reality: a 3-in-1 design that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and convenient for the recipient!

  • Since then, our range has expanded considerably: the possibilities are endless. ehalve in different sizes, the BloomsBox can be filled with all kinds of plants. From air-purifying plants to seasonal plants such as Christmas trees or daffodil bulbs: it's all possible. n What makes the BloomsBox extra special is that you can engrave any wish, logo or message you like!

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Door het slimme watergeefsysteem heb je geen omkijken naar het verzorgen van de planten in de BloomsBox.

Doing well feels good

We are a Social Enterprise

The people who make our BloomsBoxes are very important to us. When making our BloomsBoxes, we work together with two sheltered workshops in Utrecht. From Reinaerde, Mirjam and Dennis work with us on a permanent basis. If you order a BloomsBox, chances are they will pack it for you with great care!

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