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Eco businessgift

Are you looking for a business gift with which to surprise your employees or business relations? For instance, to celebrate an anniversary or the start of a new partnership. At such a special occasion, you want to give the other person something extra. And preferably a sustainable, lasting and original gift that you will not find anywhere else? Blooms out of the Box is your place to go! Take a look at our extensive range and decide which unique eco business gift willsurprise your colleagues and business contacts.

Why an eco business gift?

Are you looking for a business gift with which to surprise your employees or business contacts? For example, to celebrate an anniversary or the start of a new partnership. On such a special occasion, you want to give the other person something extra. Preferably a sustainable, lasting and original gift that you won't find anywhere else? At Blooms out of the Box, you are in the right place. View our extensive range and decide which unique eco business gift will surprise your colleagues and business contacts.

A business gift with a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and useful concept

When giving away a business gift, you want to surprise the other person with a gift that makes an impression. Something they have never had before and which they will enjoy for months. If you also value a gift that is sustainable and ecologically responsible, then you have come to the right place at Blooms out of the Box. Here you will find business gifts that are both stylish and sustainable. This has everything to do with the beautiful design of the wooden Box, which prominently displays the plants and is made of environmentally friendly materials. The Box has a double function. It serves as both the planter and the packaging in which we ship the eco business gift. This allows us to economise on packaging materials.

After receiving the BloomsBox, the slide-out lid can be pushed aside, revealing three fresh plants. The lid contains three openings where the plants will hang and the Box contains a built-in water reservoir that only needs to be refilled once a month. The plants give themselves just enough water from the reservoir to keep shining in the sturdy BloomsBox for months. A beautiful and useful gift, even for people without green fingers.

Stylish and personal

Which plants suit the person you want to surprise or the occasion? In our extensive range, you will find various types of plants that you can give away as eco business gifts. Consider one of our seasonal products that are at their best at different times of the year. Or check out our air-purifying plants that ensure a healthy and pleasant indoor climate at the recipient's home or business. With Christmas just around the corner, how nice is it to give away a Christmas gift including decoration and festive treats? And to surprise someone with a tasty gift, you can choose our fresh herbs and flavours.

Besides the green contents of the BloomsBox, it is also about the design of the gift. After all, the plants shine in the beautiful wooden Box that can be provided with a stylish design. With your company's logo, a personal message or another creative idea, you can give the Box your own twist. When ordering a minimum of 10 Boxes, upload the design you would like to have engraved and we will do the rest.

Eco corporate gift from Blooms out of the Box

A valuable and sustainable gift that deserves a nice place in the recipient's home or workplace, that is what you will find in our extensive range. Choose a stylish and eco business gift with a 3-in-1 concept that really surprises. Ask about the possibilities of having your company logo engraved, about the different products in our range and about the ordering procedure. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

The greenest business gift

Patented BloomsBox

Everything about the BloomsBox is out of the box. Literally. Because the BloomsBox is shipping packaging, plant pot and water reservoir for the plants all in one. This allows us to send plants without extra packaging materials. And: the recipient immediately has a pot for the plants, including a smart watering system. Thanks to this patented 3-in-1 concept, the delighted recipient can enjoy this unique plant gift carefree and for a long time!

Your brand in the spotlight

Steal the show for months with a BloomsBox featuring your logo, motto or wishes. A gadget as a business gift quickly disappears from view. But a sturdy planter with fresh green plants lasts for ages. Does the recipient does not have a green thumb? No problem! The water reservoir at the bottom of the BloomsBox only needs to be filled once a month. The result? The plants grow and your brand stays in the spotlight for months!

Impact on your relations and your environment

With a BloomsBox, you not only give a unique and original gift, you also show what your organisation stands for. Do you think social impact and sustainability are important? Then the BloomsBox as a business gift is the right choice. Because the BloomsBox is made sustainably and CO2-neutrally by people distanced from the labour market. We work together with two sheltered workshops in Utrecht. From social employment Reinaerde, Dennis and Mirjam work with us on a permanent basis. If you order a BloomsBox, you will make both the recipients and Dennis and Mirjam happy!

Become a regular customer?

Would you like your company or organisation to order BloomsBoxes from us more often? For example as a welcome gift for new employees, for sickness or anniversaries? If so, we will be happy to set up an account for you. You can then easily order the Blooms Boxes of your choice from your own company account, on invoice. You can also order BloomsBoxes with your personal engraving from your company account. We will then stock 'your' BloomsBoxes and send them with fresh plants the moment you order one or more.

Delivery & delivery time

Do you order up to 25 personalised BloomsBoxes? Then we can ship them the next working day. Here you can read more about the delivery time if you want to order more than 25 BloomBoxes. Would you like to receive the BloomsBoxes in 1 or a few weeks? Of course you can! You can indicate your preferred delivery time when ordering in the webshop. he shipping price is calculated when you add the desired number of Blooms Boxes to your digital shopping cart.

Our shipping partner aims to deliver the Blooms Boxes within 1 working day, but cannot guarantee this. Do you have an absolute deadline for delivery? Then don't take any risks and order the BloomsBox for delivery 1 or 2 working days earlier. e can keep a BloomsBox unopened for 4 to 7 days!

If you would like us to send the BloomsBoxes to multiple addresses, please upload the addresses in Excel with your order. You will receive a separate invoice from us for the delivery costs.

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Our customers review!

The Blooms Box is strikingly different and the perfect corporate gift for organisations with a focus on sustainability. Not for nothing do our customers rate us highly and we win several awards in the world of corporate gifts.

"Initially, we have already had very nice reactions from colleagues who wanted to send the BloomsBox. Last week, many colleagues also joined us on air with the lovely and sweet reactions they received from the recipients. The 150 BloomBoxes were very much appreciated. Nice that a repeat order came through for you, it's a beautiful product!"

Birgit Johansson

a.s.r. hypotheken

"The concept behind the BloomsBox immediately appealed to us, everything was handled smoothly from start to finish. Blooms out of the Box had the gifts delivered directly to our customers and we were spontaneously contacted by several customers afterwards with very positive reactions! Especially the durability was really appreciated."

Jessica Zonnekeyn

Fern Valley N.V. (Belgium)