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BloomsBox 'Merry Xmas' - Decoration

BloomsBox 'Merry Xmas' - Decoration

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• Dimensions (packed): 41 x 13 x 13 cm
• Includes 1,8 liter water reservoir
• Contents: 3 Christmas trees and wooden Christmas decorations
• Shipped without packaging
• CO2 neutral & socially made
• Possible to keep 4-7 days in stock

The BloomsBox is a unique plant gift with a positive message, perfect for the holidays. It is made from 100% sustainable materials and produced CO2 neutral with the help of people with a distance to the labour market. Refreshingly green, surprisingly different.

The unique and sustainable Christmas gift

This BloomsBox 'Merry Xmas' comes with 3 Christmas trees and wooden decoration. Get in the Christmas mood with these mini Christmas trees. Unpack the trees, add the decoration and enjoy. Easy does it. Our BloomsBox is equipped with a smart watering system, so you only have to water the Christmas trees once a month. That means enjoying fresh, green trees all season long, without any effort.

And do you know what the smart thing about this plant gift is? The shipping box is also the planter with built-in water reservoir. of no less than 1,8 liters. This means less waste and immediately a sturdy wooden box to show off the Christmas trees! That is often different with Christmas gifts. And there's more! Make your gift even more personal by adding a personalized Christmas greeting for the lucky recipient. Order a greeting card and we will ensure that it is delivered together with the BloomsBox!

So what are you waiting for? Give a gift that leaves a lasting impression on both the recipient and our beautiful planet.

Simon Speelman

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