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Blooms & Bees out of the Box - L - Branded

Blooms & Bees out of the Box - L - Branded

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• Branded BloomsBox with your own logo/slogan
• Delivery time: from 3 working days
• Dimensions: 41 x 13 x 13 cm
• Content: 2 Campanula plants and a bee hotel
• Sustainably produced

This special Blooms & Bees out of the Box is the ultimate promotional gift for the summer. This BloomsBox comes with your logo or slogan of your choice. This is possible from 15 pieces. The unique combination of 2 nectar-rich Campanula plants with a bee hotel brings more color and life to your garden, terrace or balcony.

In the spotlight with your relationships

The BloomsBox is made of 100% sustainable materials and is produced CO2-neutral. And you know what the smart thing is? The shipping packaging is also a planter, bee hotel and water reservoir in 1. Thanks to this unique patented design, you can enjoy beautiful flowering plants for a long time that you occasionally have to water in the 1 liter water reservoir. The plants absorb this water when they are thirsty. It couldn't be simpler. So even people without green fingers can enjoy this (business) gift for months.

Personalize your BloomsBox

You want to give a BloomsBox as a gift with your logo or slogan on it - good plan! Upload your logo, slogan or other creative inspiration here and we will engrave it on the BloomsBox. And do you want to add a personal message for the recipient? Order a card on which we print your message. Tell us your ideas and we will realize it from A to Z.

Simon Speelman

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