The sustainable alternative to flowers

Do you sometimes order flowers for colleagues or relations? Then you probably recognise this:

  • The delivered bouquet still sometimes differs from the photo.
  • It is a hassle with the timing of delivery and dragging buckets around.
  • Are these flowers even fresh? The first flowers hang limp after only 3 days.
  • Actually, you don't think giving flowers is sustainable anymore. And it isn't. Production and transport cost a lot of energy, and after 10 days such a beautiful bunch ends up in the bin anyway!

There is another way. With a BloomsBox, you give sustainable plants as a gift. With a footprint up to 4 times lower than the footprint of an average bunch of flowers!

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Why you want to give the BloomsBox as a gift .

  • In the spotlight for months

    Where flowers end up in the bin after 10 days, a BloomsBox with fresh green plants stays beautiful for months. Thanks to the clever watering system, the plants water themselves, so even recipients without green fingers will enjoy this gift carefree!

  • Sustainable and social

    Thanks to its clever design, the BloomsBox is both plant pot and shipping packaging. This saves on packaging materials. The CO2-neutral BloomsBox is made with the help of colleagues distanced from the labour market. That feels good not only to get, but also to give!

  • Convenience of ordering

    Create an account and order your selection of BloomsBoxes quickly and easily, by invoice. We ship the BloomsBoxes directly to any address within the EU. Simply by parcel post. So no lugging buckets of water or big boxes. Now that's easy!

What does your organisation stand for?

Do you think a liveable planet and social impact are important? Then you want to radiate that too, right? With a green and social gift, you not only show your appreciation; you also say: 'this is what we stand for!'. If you give a BloomsBox as a gift, you show your colleagues and associates what is important to your organisation.

A sustainable gift for every occasion Congratulate your relation or colleague, thank them, give them a heartfelt welcome: there is a suitable BloomsBox for every occasion. Available in the sizes Medium (with 2 plants) and Large (with 3 plants). Filled with a mix of air-purifying plants. Or with plants of the season, such as Christmas trees or daffodil bulbs. This way, you can surprise your colleagues all year round with an original, green gift!

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Making the difference with a BloomsBox

With a BloomsBox, you make an impact. On the recipient of the BloomsBox, who will enjoy months of growing plants. And on our planet. Because by giving a BloomsBox, you contribute to a greener, more social world.

Are you ready to receive the first compliments on your gift choice? Then surprise your colleague or associate with a BloomsBox today!

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