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Goed doen voelt goed - Blooms out of the Box

Doing good feels good

A better and greener world starts with you is a well-known saying. And we are at the basis of that. Every day we make the world a lot better by delivering our healthy business gifts. In this way we contribute to the CO2 problem. Show that your company is socially engaged and responsible (CSR). You want to radiate environmental awareness. It is therefore appropriate to thank your customers or business relations in a special way for their trust with a personalized and unique business gift that is sustainable. Your customer will also appreciate this, which contributes to the good reputation of your company.

A healthy promotional gift also means that, if desired, we deliver directly to the recipient of the BloomsBox, no matter how large or small your order is. Of course we can also deliver your green order directly to your company.
The search for a sustainable business gift can be difficult. The internet is full of sustainable business gifts, eco gifts and sustainable giveaways. There are also claims of green products that are CO2 friendly. Wageningen University has examined that plants are a good if not better alternative to increase the humidity in workspaces or to cool rooms. This has advantages: a more positive state of mind, more satisfaction among employees about their own performance and less absenteeism due to illness.m.

With the BloomsBox , Blooms out of the Box offers a truly sustainable business gift for your relations, employees and family or friends. With this gift you show that you care about a better world. Investing in a BloomsBox for your relations therefore not only ensures a socially involved and responsible (CSR) image. You also invest in the health of your client and their office environment.

Blooms out of the Box knows better than anyone how important it is that sustainable business gifts are ordered on time. That is why you can order your sustainable gifts directly online from us. This is already possible per piece, but also from hundreds to thousands of BloomsBoxes. We ensure that the BloomsBox is provided with a logo or slogan in a sustainable way. Blooms prints your promotional gift with a laser engraving in the wooden packaging of the BloomsBox. In this way, the packaging remains sustainable because we do not have to use toxic substances such as paint. And the logo on your gift always remains clearly visible because it does not fade.

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And this is the end result:

It is even possible to give every customer or employee his or her own personalized BloomsBox . Many companies have preceded you and we are convinced that nothing is too crazy. Please contact us anytime.

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