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Hoe creëer je duurzaam kerstsfeer op kantoor? 4 tips! - Blooms out of the Box

How do you create a sustainable Christmas atmosphere at the office? 4 hints!

The coziest time of the year is coming again. While the houses and shops are decorated with Christmas decorations and lights, in our opinion the office always lags behind a bit. An artificial Christmas tree with a few plastic balls is often just possible, with an illuminated flagpole Christmas tree outside. That can be more fun and more sustainable!

But Christmas decorations in the office are often a hassle', you don't really have time for it because you want to finish your tasks for this year. A lot has to be done in the last few months of the year and creating a Christmas atmosphere in the office simply isn't the number one priority. And that's a shame because it can contribute so nicely to the feeling of happiness..

“We thought otherwise. Because why make it difficult when it can be done easily? We have listed 4 sustainable tips for you that will help you create the cozy Christmas atmosphere in no time. Goodbye artificial tree and plastic balls, hello nature and sustainable Christmas decorations! Read alongee?

Why create a Christmas atmosphere at the office

First of all; why would you want to create a Christmas atmosphere at the office December is a cold, dark month, in which we could all use some lighting. A study in The Journal of Environmental Studies shows that Christmas decorations make people feel happy. It reminds you of your carefree childhood and we often look back on it fondly. Now people can of course decorate their homes, but why not the office too? An average Dutchman works 28-35 hours a week (source:n: CBS) and a large part of it is in the office. Creating a Christmas atmosphere is therefore a great opportunity to make a positive impact and also make people happier at work.

Tip 1: Christmas decorations

This tip is actually a bit of a shopping spree, because Christmas decorations are of course the ultimate way to create a Christmas atmosphere at the office. You can tackle that in a big way, but the keyword is easy'. What are easy Christmas decorations that are also sustainable Think of large wooden stars on a standard for the windowsills, Christmas garlands of felt for the ceiling or real pine branches in a vase with Christmas lights for the reception. Very nice and creative Christmas products are often made during a daytime activity. And by buying from a day care you not only have cozy Christmas decorations, but you also support them! If that isn't a nice Christmas idea.s.

Another way of easy Christmas decorations are Christmas trees for the desk. And we have come up with the ideal solution for this: Xmas out of the Box. A beautiful BloomsBox of FSC wood with three Christmas trees with LED lighting. The years of hours of taking apart Christmas lights are over. Upon receipt, all you have to do is unpack the Christmas trees, water them and hang the lights in them! And the benefits are great. Because you not only save time, you also bring nature into your home (or office) in a sustainable way.

And what makes it even more fun After Christmas, plant the Christmas trees in your garden and replace them with air-purifying plants. Completely sustainable, but also healthy. Because air-purifying plants improve air quality. And we make it even easier for you, because you can do those nice things through our webshop refill order with a few clicks of a button. How convenient is that!

 Tip 2: Music

Another sustainable tip for creating a Christmas atmosphere is music. Listening to music can have a positive effect on a person's mood. Is it quiet at your office Or is the radio on every day After Sinterklaas, every radio station will start broadcasting Christmas music, but if you want to create a real Christmas atmosphere, switch to a Christmas channel such as Sky Xmas or choose a nice playlist with Christmas music on Spotify. We bet you also have beautiful memories of the holidaysmen?

Tip 3: Original Christmas package

Giving away a Christmas package is a true Dutch tradition. It is nice to surprise someone and it contributes to the Christmas atmosphere within the company, especially if it is sustainable and original Christmas package. But here too, choice stress can make it difficult for you. There's so much, where do you start At Blooms out of the Box we've made it easy for you. Because convenience is of course the reason you are reading this blog. This year we have for the first time gift sets composed. These consist of a BloomsBox with plants and one or more sustainable gifts. Provide a logo, email us a text on the card and you're done! You have an original Christmas gift that is also very sustainable. Organize a nice distribution moment and a cozy Christmas atmosphere is guaranteed.

Tip 4: The Christmas spirit

Creating a Christmas atmosphere at the office is great fun, but what is the easiest way to create this? Actually very simple: to really live the Christmas spirit. Go out with your team(s) and help with Christmas dinners in homes, shelters or neighborhood initiatives. Or see if you can help spread the spirit of Christmas at schools or care farms. Doing something good for someone else is what it's all about and what you create a warm feeling with. And because you do it together, you immediately get more bonding between colleagues. Volunteer help is almost always desired, so an activity will not be difficult to find..

Christmas at the office

Hopefully our tips have helped you and you can now get started to create more Christmas atmosphere in the office, without it costing you too much effort. Your colleagues will certainly appreciate the fun! Have you used our BloomsBoxes as Christmas decoration? We would love it if you could share this with us. Tag us on LinkedIn so that we can also enjoy your festive office.


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