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De drie voordelen van een duurzaam relatiegeschenk - Blooms out of the Box

The three advantages of a sustainable business gift

Sustainable business gifts are completely up to date. As a company, you can no longer ignore it; you too must show that you are focused on the future. Whether it concerns a business gift for Christmas, an original Christmas package or farewell gift from a colleague. But what makes a promotional gift sustainable And what benefits does it bring? In this blog you will find all the information you need to find out whether your company should also make the transition to sustainable promotional gifts.n.

What are sustainable business gifts?

Sustainable promotional gifts are gifts that have been produced responsibly, taking into account the people, planet & profit model. The producer looks at the use of raw materials and materials, but also at how the gift contributes to a better world. At Blooms out of the Box , for example, we not only look at the use of FSC wood for our wooden boxes, but also at our social impact; creating a pleasant workplace for people with a distance to the labor market. In addition, we also pay a lot of attention to the effect of the BloomsBox itself, because (air-purifying) plants make the air cleaner and have a positive influence on the mood. Do you want to know what else we do to make our green gifts sustainable? Check out our page about sustainability.

In short, a sustainable promotional gift is a gift that has been thought about and with which you make a positive impact on the world. For us at Blooms out of the Box sustainability is quite obvious, it is in our DNA. But what benefits can you experience?

Benefit 1: You are an inspiration for environmental awareness

The awareness is now greater than ever; we need to be more environmentally conscious for preserving the earth for our future generations. But what exactly does that mean? Does this mean that you are not allowed to give anything at all? No, but you do pay attention to the product you are giving away and do research to reduce your carbon footprint or make it as small as possible. As a result, you are not only more environmentally conscious as a person, but you can also inspire the recipient of your gift to become more environmentally conscious.n.

As a company, you often have the opportunity to make a major impact and reach many people (colleagues or relations). And what could be better than being able to respond to this with your gifts  In this way you inspire your entire environment to become more environmentally aware!!

Advantage 2: Sustainable promotional gifts last longer

Fair is fair, a sustainable promotional gift often requires more investment at the moment. Prices are, because of the responsibility that the producer takes, often higher than the standard promotional gifts. But you also get something in return! In addition to the environmentally conscious aspect, your gift often also lasts longer. Think of products like a reusable sugar cane water bottle, a erasable notebook of stone paper or our own BloomsBox with air-purifying plants. They are all products that are designed to last a long time and therefore have less polluting and negative impact. What other advantage does that have? The product lasts longer and your company is in the spotlight for longer!!

Advantage 3: Good for the image

A sustainable promotional gift is not only good for the planet, but also for the image of your company. You show that you think about the future and that you care about our world. And that is not only what people want, that is also what is needed. Think of a sustainable promotional gift that radiates environmental awareness, lasts a long time and contains your company logo. The return of your company logo in association with sustainability creates a positive, pleasant effect on people and that does your image good!

Which gift are you going for?

Hopefully we have also been able to convince you to switch to sustainable business gifts within the company. Are you looking for a sustainable, original promotional gift that can be completely personalized with a logo? Then consider our BloomsBoxes. Because if you give something, do it responsibly!

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