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10x Eco-vriendelijke relatiegeschenken voor kerst - Blooms out of the Box

10 Original and sustainable corporate gifts for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time of year to thank your clients, employees and business partners for the pleasant cooperation. Giving business gifts is a great way to show your appreciation and strengthen your business relationships at the same time. And ideally, of course, you do this in a sustainable, original way! But where do you find that original and at the same time sustainable business gift? If you are looking for something unique and impactful, you have come to the right place! In this blog article, we share 10 original corporate gifts for Christmas that are sure to make an eco-friendly impression on the recipients,

1. Personalised advent calendars

Surprise your business contacts with an advent calendar that has been put together especially for them. Add small gifts, such as tea bags or Fairtrade chocolates. Want to go all sustainable? Then display a saying or personalised message every December instead of a physical present. That way, you create a fun and spontaneous experience for the whole month of December.

2. Sustainable gift sets

Make more impact by putting sustainability at the heart of your corporate gifts. Choose gift sets with eco-friendly products, such as bamboo toothbrushes, reusable notebooks, or luxury gift sets with a sustainable BloomsBox. This not only shows your appreciation, but also your commitment to eco-friendly initiatives to reduce our impact on the earth.

3. Exclusive cooking workshops

Organise an exclusive cooking workshop for your business contacts. Invite a chef to provide an interactive and educational cooking experience. This gift will not only tantalise the taste buds, but you will also get to know your relations in a more informal way during this pleasant afternoon or evening. And this will only benefit the relationship!

4. Buy Social business gifts

Buy your business gifts in a socially responsible way this year by buying from a social enterprise. By doing so, you will make more impact and contribute to a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world. It also makes your business gift highly original and you can tell the beautiful, socially responsible story with it. This will strengthen your own organisation and brand.

Examples of socially responsible products for sale via Buy Social include an organic cleaning package or our sustainable BloomsBox with air-purifying plants.

5. Support a good cause as a Christmas gift

Supporting a good cause is a nice and original business gift. This does not necessarily have to take the form of a financial donation, but can also be done by buying products that the charity makes available as business gifts. For example, the World Wildlife Fund offers erasable notebooks made of stone paper and sustainable panda umbrellas made of rPET. In this way, you give a unique gift and also express a nice Christmas spirit: supporting nature.

6. Give Christmas trees as gifts!

Giving away real Christmas trees may not be the first thing you think of when looking for a business gift, but that is what makes it so original! At Blooms out of the Box, order the Xmas out of the Box with three small Christmas trees, decorated with wooden Christmas decorations. Very nice to put on the desk and make the office, or home, cosy with it just before the holidays! And the sustainable aspect has also been thought of; after Christmas, plant the little trees in the garden and replace them with a refill of air-purifying plants. This refill provides an extra moment of contact with your relationship in January, wishing your relationship a good start to the new year.

7. Subscribe to monthly surprise boxes

Give your contacts something to look forward to every month with subscriptions to surprise boxes. There are numerous options available, such as organic wine tastings, book clubs and plant subscriptions. This gives your relations an ongoing reminder of your business and reinforces your identity.

8. Plant a tree

Would you rather give a symbolic corporate gift this Christmas? Then consider planting trees through Trees for All. Through this foundation, it is not only possible to plant a company forest, but also to give trees as a gift. The trees you give as a gift will be planted by Trees for All in their forest projects in the Netherlands and abroad. As proof, you will receive a certificate with the recipient's name and that of your organisation. Communicate to your relationship that this year you are choosing to help nature instead of a physical gift, this way you create a sustainable impact together.

9. Digital gift vouchers as a Christmas present

Make it easy for your relations to choose something they really want with digital gift vouchers. You can also give original and sustainable business gifts with gift vouchers. You can opt for popular online shops, but another adventurous example are "Adventure Nearby" gift vouchers. With these, you give your relation a micro-adventure, a special experience in natural areas close to home where you stay overnight with local entrepreneurs. "Adventure Nearby" offers several trips, giving your relations the freedom to choose something that suits their tastes and needs.

10. Give plants as gifts

And last but not least, we have come up with another green business gift for you: plants! As you may already know, we at Blooms out of the Box make business gifts that include air-purifying plants. Plants are not only sustainable and original to give away, they also offer health benefits. Also, plants last for months after Christmas, Therefore, with a personalised BloomsBox, your company will not only be in the spotlight during the holidays, but also far beyond!

Enjoy giving

Hopefully these 10 original and sustainable corporate gifts will give you enough inspiration for the upcoming Christmas period, and allow you to make a valuable impression on your business contacts. Whether you choose plants, unique experiences or socially responsible gifts, the most important thing is to show your appreciation and strengthen cooperation with your relations. Enjoy the giving and the joy during this festive season!
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