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O2 out of the Box 'Office Inspiration' - XL - Branded

O2 out of the Box 'Office Inspiration' - XL - Branded

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This promotional gift consists of an Extra Large BloomsBox with a mix of air-purifying plants, an erasable stone paper notebook (A5 size), and an A3 size Power Placemat from Moyu. Because the pages of the notebook and the placemat can be erased with the specially supplied cloth, the notepad and placemat can be reused up to 500 times! We deliver this gift set with your logo or slogan engraved in the BloomsBox .

Give an original and sustainable business gift

This time you don't send wine in a box, but a sustainable and surprising 3-in-1 solution. The BloomsBox is made of 100% sustainable materials and is produced CO2-neutral. And you know what the smart thing is? The shipping packaging is also the planter with built-in water reservoir of 1.8 liters. When you receive this BloomsBox , the air-purifying plants are in the box together with the Moyu package. All the receiver has to do is unpack the plants, fill the water container, and hang the plants back upright in the box.

This is how you put your logo on the Christmas promotional gift

You want to give our Christmas BloomsBox as a gift with your logo or slogan on it - good plan! Upload your logo, slogan or other creative inspiration here and we will engrave it on the BloomsBox. And do you want to give a personal message for the recipient? By default, we add a card on which we print your message. Tell us your ideas and we will realize it from A to Z.


• Delivery time:from 5 working days • Dimensions:56 x 20 x 20 cm • Contents:3 air-purifying plants, an erasable A5 notebook and A3-Power Placemat from Moyu. • Sustainably produced • Includes card with personal message

Simon Speelman

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