Refresh your Blooms - old

Collection: Refresh your Blooms - old

If you want to order 25 or more BloomsBoxes, ask for one quotation custom to.

Enjoy your BloomsBox for years to come!

Do you want to replace the Christmas trees in your BloomsBox with air-purifying plants after Christmas, or do you want to fill your BloomsBox with Christmas trees before Christmas? Have your plants grown out of the Box, but would you still like to continue using the Box? Then you can order a 'refresh' of individual plants from us. This way you can continue to enjoy your BloomsBox for years to come!

Which Refresh do I order?

Are you wondering if the plants fit in the BloomsBox ? The plants of all refills that you can order from us fit in both the Medium (29x13x13 cm) and the Large BloomsBox (41x13x13 cm). Do you want to fill the Extra Large BloomsBox with other plants? Then read our advice in the frequently asked questions . You can also read more about the plants themselves here.