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Het gemak van een BloomsBox® - Blooms out of the Box

The convenience of a BloomsBox®

With Blooms out of the Box you don't just send your relationship a plant. The wooden BloomsBox is not only a safe and sturdy shipping packaging for the plants, it is also a unique pot in which your plants are supplied with water for weeks. The BloomsBox holds no less than 2 liters of water.

If you immediately fill the BloomsBox with water after receipt, you can be sure that the plants will remain beautiful for a long time and purify the air, without having to look at it! Once every 3 to 4 weeks you have to refill the Box and then you can enjoy your green friends again without any worries.

The plants are well packed in the BloomsBox on arrival. The BloomsBox is in itself a sturdy Box in which the plants are well protected against external influences. With only a bag to keep the potting soil in the pot. So you only need very little packaging. Better yet... you can also use the shipping packaging immediately as a plant pot and water reservoir.

And the parcel deliverer ensures that the plants are delivered quickly!

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