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De positieve effecten van een groen relatiegeschenk - Blooms out of the Box

The positive effects of a green promotional gift

Do you sometimes feel lethargic, less inspired and easily distracted at work? Soon you will be staring outside. Looking for green. Nothing is as boring as a gray workplace, at the office or at home. Instinctively, the color green tells us that it is safe: the green of the trees, the forest, nature. Surrounding yourself with plants while you work can do a lot of good, says Monique Kemperman. She is campaign manager of houseplants at Thejoyofplantsdothat.co.uk.

“We think that because we come from nature, we feel better and safer with plants in the environment. It makes you calmer, your blood pressure drops and the stress hormone cortisol decreases. Plants therefore ensure that you are physically healthier. Just look outside. Looking at concrete or cars or a view of a forest, that really gives you a different feeling. You can also create that at the office or at home with plants. Green gives peace.st.


“More satisfaction among employees about their own performance and less absenteeism. Plants are a good if not better alternative to increase humidity in workspaces or to cool rooms in the summer.r.”

This is what we love at Blooms out of the Box. This is also an important reason why we developed the BloomsBox . With a BloomsBox you don't just give green plants.It has even more benefits.

Plants improve air quality

Air quality is one of the main causes of feeling good, both at home and at work. This is not just about the outside air, but rather about the quality of the air in spaces where we spend a lot of time, such as the office, the living room or the classroom.

The air quality in these areas is negatively affected by chemicals that are not only emitted by furniture, clothing, floor coverings, wall coverings, paint, printers, etc., but also by people themselves. Scientific research  has shown that plants are able to absorb these substances from the air and thereby purify the air.

Is every plant capable of this? No, not every plant can absorb the harmful substances. Every plant produces oxygen to some degree, but not many plants have these air-purifying properties. Our plants come from a grower who is a member of Air so Pure. Our air-purifying ferns in the O2 out of the Box:

  • Neutralize harmful gases by absorbing and breaking them down.
  • Improve humidity through the regulating evaporation process.
  • Make the air more vital by converting CO2 into oxygen.

With plants in the office, employees are less likely to get sick, and moreoverplants increase the feeling of happiness and the ability to concentrateof employees.

Gifting a BloomsBox to your relations therefore not only creates a socially involved and responsible (CSR) image. Your green surprise makes your business relations happier and more creative. How beautiful is that.

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