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Wij steunen het Longfonds want Gezondere lucht is belangrijk - Blooms out of the Box

We support the Long Fund because healthier air is important

The Longfonds collects for healthy and clean air during the week from 16 to 23 May. As Blooms out of the Box , we contribute to that! That is why we donate 10% of our turnover to the Longfonds in May.


Is your company participating too??

The idea is that in May we will persuade as many companies, institutions and organizations as possible to do something innovative and healthy for their employees and thus immediately support the Lung Fund. The mission of the Lung Fund is

“Eliminate lung diseases and contribute to a
healthier and happier lives for people with lung disease..

The Long Fund (formerly the Asthma Fund) remains committed to a world where everyone can breathe freely anytime, anywhere.


Air purifying

Green plants purify the air. With that, theBloomsBox a bowl of vitality. In addition, green plants provide better humidity andCO2 into oxygen. Plants can filter some of the chemicals, such as formaldehyde and benzene, from the air. Plants need CO2 to grow and we humans need oxygen. A nice win-win situation!



Two birds with one stone!

Have we made you enthusiastic and are you now considering aBloomsBox to relations to donate Dan is May the ideal month! Spring has sprung and the greenery is blooming outside. With a BloomsBox as a promotional gift you not only ensure healthier air indoors, but you also donate 10% of the purchase amount to the Longfonds!


With a BloomsBox you give a truly sustainable and healthy promotional gift with impact.

Go directly to theavailable BloomsBoxes which you can order, send an e-mail, call us on 06-46877733 or leavehere your phone number and we will contact you for a tailor-made proposal.



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